Free Live Training For Accounting Professionals

Free Live Training For Accounting Professionals

The Turn-Key Process To Get 2-5 Accounting Clients (& 70-80 Tax Clients) Every Month Without Wasting Time or Spending a Fortune on Marketing.

What best describes you?

What You Will Learn On This FREE Masterclass:

Secret #1

Voucher Funnel

How To Use a Voucher Funnel & Automation To Get 2-5 Accounting Clients (& 70 - 80 Tax Clients) Every Month.

Secret #2

The CRM & Funnel Builder

How To Easily Build Your Funnel & Automation In Less Than 15 minutes Even If You Have No Technical Abilities at All.

Secret #3

Easy Fast Traffic

How To Get The Right Traffic To Come To Your Funnel Without Wasting Time or a Fortune On Marketing.

A Sneak Peek Into This Live Training...


Secret #1: What Is a Voucher Funnel?

There are so many people "Gurus" out there saying they have the secret to growing your accounting business. I've been a lot of those trainings and it's always so complicated. You have to create a lead magnet, record the perfect video, capture leads and then nurture those leads forever and THEN... eventually you'll get a client.

I don't know about you but I don't need clients 6 months from now! I need clients now!

A voucher funnel is the easiest, fastest way I know to get accounting clients (bookkeeping or Tax Clients) almost immediately. And the Universal CRM makes it so easy to implement. I could not be more excited to tell you about it on the free training. Don't miss out!


Secret #2: The Magic Tool! (CRM/Funnel/Automation Builder)

In Secret #2 on this training I'm going to tell you about a CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool that is so simple to use and yet so powerful it will literally change your accounting business forever. That sounds kind of hypy but I don't know of any other way to put it.

It's so much more than just a client relationship management tool...

This tool will make you more money and save you more time than anything else I've ever seen.

It will allow you to build your voucher funnels more easily than you can imagine even if your an accountant with absolutely no technical abilities.

This CRM will make scheduling appointments with leads and clients so simple while also reducing no-shows with automated SMS and email appointment reminders that sound personal!...

It will help you get organized with your leads and contacts and finally be able to get rid of that stack of business cards and actually do something with those contacts...

It will help you get more reviews on Google and Facebook!

It will help you easily track your sales pipeline (just seeing this will get you excited and help you get more clients)...

It will automatically help you get more leads from Google...

Heck, the CRM will even do your dishes and take out the trash!

Okay that last one might not be true but I'm telling you, this tool is going to excite you. Don't miss out on seeing what this can do to help you finally start growing your business.


Secret #3: Traffic!

Once you have your funnel and your automation in place all inside your one easy to use CRM, all you need to do now is get the right people to come to your funnel.

But what should you be doing to the right people to your funnel?

Google Ads?



YouTube Ads?

LinkedIn Marketing?

Facebook Ads?

Instagram Ads?


Social Media Posting?

There is SO MANY different things that you COULD be doing...

But let me simplify this for you...

You don't have time to do all that. And the good news is, you don't have to!

I'm going to show you on this free training how you can get bookkeeping and tax clients with a simple Facebook ad and $5/day.

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